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Solar and Daylight Anlaysis

Solar and Daylight Analysis

In order to minimize the reliance on air conditioning system, utilizing energy from the nature is the first step. The sun affects the building energy directly in many ways hence it is necessary to get a balance in utilizing the heat and daylight performance as having too little or excessive solar energy will not be beneficial to the occupants' comfort and building energy usage.

With the help of solar and daylight analysis, we can test out the potential of solar energy and how it affects the building energy usage.

Solar and daylight analysis can be used in the following areas:

Solar exposure - site plan 2.jpg

Solar exposure analysis

Identify the solar intensity and exposure hours on external façade. It can be on the building or over a community area.


Photovoltics feasibility

Analyze locations suitable for PV installation and predict electricity generation.

Solar exposure - Exterior.jpg

Daylight availability

Identify the daylight penetration into the building. This can help assess the daylight availability and its impact on artificial lighting usage.

Daylight analysis perspective Lux.jpg
Daylight analysis Lux.jpg
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