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Enegy Modelling

Energy Modelling

With the use of energy model, the key parameters that will affect the building energy performance can be tested. This gives the design team a better understanding of how their proposed designs and strategies will likely perform when the building is in operation. We use a holistic approach to consider both passive and active design strategies and advise client on potential improvement opportunities.

Energy model can be used for the following analysis:

  • Assessing overall building energy consumption and breakdown of main consumers.

  • Peak building loads analysis.

  • Plant sizing.

  • Annual building heating and cooling load profile prediction.

  • Integration of passive strategies like solar shading and natural ventilation to minimize the need on HVAC system.

  • Integration of daylight performance for artificial light dimming control.

  • Natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation and hybrid control strategies analysis.

  • Carbon emission calculation based on building energy consumption and fuel used.

  • Renewable technologies potential to offset building electricity consumption.

Energy line graph.jpg

Analyse the load profile to see how the demand varies through the day, week and year.

Energy pie chart.jpg

Energy breakdown gives a better insight on areas to improve.

Room solar heat gain heat map.jpg

Analyse the solar heat penetrating through different facade design options.

Cooling load distribution frequency.jpg

Analyse the load distribution frequency, this can help to decide how to operate the HVAC system. 

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