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BluSky Consulting


We are on a journey in pursuit of blue skies for our future generations 

through minimizing the negative impact of the building construction industry 

on the environment.

About Us

We are a young company, but we have the passion, knowledge and experience to help the environment through encouraging of green building development.


Energy Modelling

Predict the energy consumption of the building before it is constructed

Solar and daylight analysis

Assess the potential of solar and daylight availability

HVAC system optimisation

Analyse the current HVAC system and look for energy saving opportunities

GReen building modelling support

Support the simulation requirement in different green building rating tools


We have experience modelling different kind of building types around the region. Below is a quick summary on the building types we have work on before.

- Office

- Retail Mall

- Hotel

- University Campus

- Residential

- Hospital



You can connect with us through the following ways.

For our full contact details, please follow the link below

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